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Michael 'Stylz' Reeves
Professional songwriter, composer and inventor

Michael ‘Stylz’ Reeves, aka bro.STYLZ..., MR...,Spittaman..., has been an unknown but consist force and one of the best kept secrets of the hiphop community. Being a  veteran lyricist, songwriter, artist developer & motivational speaker, he is the creator of IDOANTHEMS a multi-platform music, digital arts and music solutions company. Stylz has always been a positive ambassador of music in all genres, embracing growth in every direction of the genre spectrum.

Born in Jackson TN, with influences such as the late James 'Superwolf' Wolfe of the legendary Sugarhill record label and husband of the late legendary blues singer Denise LaSalle, Stylz is a pioneer in his own right having the opportunity to embrace that influence of hiphop that closely during that early era, and has always acknowledged that unique opportunity. Cut from the same grade as some of the legendary icons of hip hop, he has opened shows for Def Jam, NWA, 2 Live Crew, Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff, Mint Condition, G-unit and a host of others in between, to creating the first hiphop gospel mixtape and even song induction to the Blackhorse Museum in Fulda, Germany, he has another view on the value of what success and contribution means universally. Never compromising integrity, turning down label deals, he has continued his music journey, mastering and continuously improving while teaching, and has continued to connect & work with eminent producers globally. Performing in talent shows as a teen, performing countless shows in Germany and being a part of world history making moments (soldier of the 1/11th ACR at the Fall of the Berlin Wall), changed his life and musical creative thought process.  

Continuing his mission as an Army Veteran, he also continues to support and represent the military and all veteran service organizations, while continuing education to support his new recovery trauma venture for Veterans and teaming up with multi platinum artists/musicians and new upcoming artists in all genres with an interest in Veterans service is his philanthropy. 

With a degree in aerospace and a career in quality control and manufacturing, Stylz’s has uniquely infused his knowledge to create a high speed, high quality song production and music solutions company. Stylz amazing ability to constantly evolve, create and innovate without the machine has made him a timeless wonder of hip hop/pop/r&b/country/rock/euro. An unknown anomaly that is about to be revealed...the time is now...

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