Michael 'STYLZ' Reeves
Professional Songwriter and Composer

Michael ‘Bro.Stylz’ Reeves, aka Bro.STYLZ, is one of the best kept secrets of the hiphop community. Inventor, Veteran Lyricist, Songwriter, Artist Developer & Motivational Speaker, Bro.STYLZ is also the Founder of Lyrics2Life (L2L) and IDOANTHEMS Music Company. STYLZ has always been a positive ambassador of hiphop, embracing music and growing in every direction of the genre spectrum.


Born in Jackson TN, with influences such as James 'Superwolf' Wolfe of the legendary Sugarhill record label and husband of legendary blues singer Denise LaSalle, Bro.STYLZ is a pioneer in his own right. Having the opportunity to embrace rap that closely during that early era was a blessing, and he has always acknowledged that unique opportunity. From performing in talent shows as a youth, to countless shows in Germany. Even competing in the All-Europe Army Talent Competitions, as well as being part of world history making moments such as being present at the Fall of the Berlin Wall with the prestigious 11th Calvary Blackhorse Regiment and being honored by the BlackHorse Museum in Fulda, Germany where he can be seen on the museum's website: 


After his career in the Army, Bro.STYLZ attended and graduated Spartan College of Aeronautics in Tulsa OK. It was here he signed with Urban Vibe Entertainment and added R&B and Pop to his file. In 2001 he signed with promoter and veteran manager Terry Harvey, alongside the artist Ginuwine. The following years to this date, Bro.STYLZ has added over 12 major music genres and also developed his own format music called Motivational Aggressive Cadences (MACz).


Cut from the same grade as some of the legendary icons of Hiphop, Bro.STYLZ has opened shows and performed with great artists many artists and group from NWA, 2 Live Crew, Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff and Mint Condition to G-unit and a host of others in between. Bro.STYLZ has continued to pursue his "low road" music journey, connecting, teaching and inspiring all that crosses his path. Bro.STYLZ works with eminent producers from Brooklyn to LA and Amsterdam to Rotterdam makes up Team. Bro.STYLZ signed a deal with a major music publisher called Music Blvd Group from Los Angeles as a Custom Composer of Sports Anthems. And has songplacements on VH1's Cartel Crew and Black Ink Crew. Bro.Stylz is also a Patented Inventor and Co-Founder of the My Ditty DogTagz Company, and a partner of SoundHeadz Digital wearable technology that's about to take the world by storm.


STYLZ's amazing ability to constantly evolve and create has made him a timeless wonder of Hiphop/R&B/Pop/Rock/Euro/Dancehall, and a secret that is about to be revealed...the time is now.